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Internal Auditing

Today, change is coming faster than ever before – and there is more of it. The sheer velocity of change has upended the business environment and rearranged the landscape. Organizations must identify, assess and address emerging risks without losing sight of their existing business and control environment. They are not only working to get ahead of the curve - often they are struggling to keep up – and not always succeeding.

Management, audit committees and boards of directors rely on internal audit (IA) to provide assessments and assurance around the effectiveness of controls and company processes, while also providing support in a diverse array of risk and business process improvement areas.

Our services can help clients strategically assess, remediate and improve control issues identified, while also elevating the profile of internal audit in identifying and addressing complex emerging risk areas. We help organizations achieve cost efficiencies in their internal audit functions through the variable cost model we offer, combined with our offshore capabilities. Additionally, our ability to bring innovative ideas and advisory support, greater technology enablement and broad subject matter experience in complex areas globally allows us to help clients gain significantly enhanced value from internal audit and across other important priority areas of the organization.

Enterprise Risk Management

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) provides a framework to understand and respond to business uncertainties and opportunities with relevant risk insight delivered through common, integrated risk identification, analysis and management disciplines. ERM enhances organizational resiliency by improving decision making, strengthening governance and supporting a risk intelligent culture. We can help you:

Operations Excellence

Operational excellence is the buzzword for most organisations looking for a sustainable improvement of their key performance metrics. Operational excellence emphasises on the synchronised application of principles, systems and tools such as Lean Six Sigma, Guided Innovation and KPI Management towards a long-term change in organisational culture. These operational excellence initiatives need to be aligned with the organisation’s strategic business objectives, meaningful and able to achieve the real business results.

Wright Management offers a variety of services to help their clients reach their targets. Our many services include: